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Geodesic Domes with Canvas Covers

Note: We do not recommend canvas covers. There is a much better alternative, PVC dome covers. In our experience, no matter how well you look after canvas, it always looks a little shabby after a few years in the rain and sun. PVC gives better long term value than canvas in our opinion.

However, we can if required, provide canvas dome covers to fit your dome exactly. Which is a very difficult, highly skilled and labour intensive process. Doors and windows (transparent sections) and even chimneys can also be fitted into the canvas which when treated properly can last for many years.

This photo below shows our small 2 frequency dome with light canvas cover, the door can just about be seen on the far side of the dome as a lighter colored patch;

We can of course make canvas covers for large geodesic domes of any size.

Please contact us if you would like to find out prices or more information on our canvas dome covers or any other questions you may have.


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