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Geodesic Domes with PVC covers

This is one of our geodesic domes with a PVC cover made to fit the frame.

Its not only 100% water proof but suprisingly warm inside on a cold day. All of the seams are PVC welded as opposed to stitching improving the waterproofing and the strength of the seams. Windows & doors can be designed into the walls of the dome cover.

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Made from durable PVC 660 grams p/m2 or 580 grams p/m2. Transparent or opaque in any colour. The joins are welded using an infra red technique to create a strong, neat bond. The PVC complies with european standards click here for dome cover safety certificates.

Geo Dome PVC Cover

Inner Linings

For a smoother look and feel with extra insulation we can provide an inner lining to the dome giving a quilted effect that can be great for visual projections and also provide that extra layer of insulation. Our inner linings have been sourced especially for projections and light shows.

Geodesic Dome with polyuerethane covering

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