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Geodesic Domes with netting covers for aviaries, chickens or livestock

With a wire mesh attached to the frame, a dome makes a great space for animals, particularly birds as the uninterrupted interior space allows them to fly freely.

Perches can fixed at any point on the structure, as can nesting boxes. A tunnel through the middle allows one to appreciate the birds from within the dome without risk of escape.

We can if required supply only the bottom half, or skirt, of the dome frame (without the roof parts) providing a good turnout pen for horses or agricultural animals like pigs, chickens or sheep. This “skirt” can be moved easily around a field for controlled grazing and fertilising of the land. This option is also much cheaper than a full geodesic dome.

Cost for this covering is very minimal and is worked out by the surface area of your dome in square metres. Please contact us for details


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